Kevin D. Williamson has a post over at NRO’s Media Blog about journalists and the International Federation of Journalists the European Union. At the start, he makes a very good point about shield laws for journalists: they put some agent of government in the position of deciding who is and isn’t a journalist, creating a precedent toward restricting the First Amendment rights of those who aren’t certified as “journalists” by the government.
He then goes on as to how similar restrictions are already on their way in the EU. Here’s to hoping we don’t follow them.


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2 Responses to “Journalists”

  1. Kevin Williamson Says:

    Dear Twisted One:

    Thanks for the link!


  2. Twisted One 151's Weblog Says:

    Libertarians for Obama

    Kevin D. Williamson has another great post over at NRO’s Media Blog, this time about the illogic of libertarians who support Barack Obama. There was one well-written paragraph that I particularly enjoyed:
    I understand and, to a great extent, sympath…

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