What we should do

What should the United States do if the Russians use military force in Kosovo, as they have threatened?
My answer: nothing. Let the EU deal with it. Let the bureaucrats and appeasers in Brussels and their ilk who sneer at the US use of force, and insist on “diplomacy” and concessions, go without the protection that the US military has provided them, via NATO and the like. Let them try their vaunted diplomacy, and see how far talk gets them.
I linked to a Victor Davis Hanson editorial on NRO in a post yesterday that makes many of these same points.


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One Response to “What we should do”

  1. andrewallisonuk Says:

    I see where you are coming from, but I know Britain and the US would not stand idly by, as it is not our way of doing things. The EU is a useless organisation and I’m tired of having things dictated to me from Brussels. The British government should get tough with them and make sure we get what we want, not what they tell us, but with this Labour government, I am looking out of the window and watching pigs fly past.

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