Libertarians for Obama

Kevin D. Williamson has another great post over at NRO’s Media Blog, this time about the illogic of libertarians who support Barack Obama. There was one well-written paragraph that I particularly enjoyed:

I understand and, to a great extent, sympathize with the libertarian objection to American military involvement around the world, but I’ve got some bad news for you, Sunshine: We’re not leaving Iraq. McCain, Obama, Hillary, Ron Paul—we could elect Grover from Sesame Street president, and we’re not leaving Iraq. We still have troops in Germany, Okinawa, and Korea—and people think we’re pulling out of Iraq, where there’s still actual fighting going on, and where, even the most moonbatty anti-Bush picket-bearer will enthusiastically agree, we have strategic interests? (The Left only approves of military action where the U.S. has no national interest at stake, i.e. Kosovo, Haiti, Somalia, Darfur, &c.)

Go and read the rest right now.


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4 Responses to “Libertarians for Obama”

  1. jposty Says:

    How is it even possible that a libertarian could give lip-service to a statist like Obama? Blows my mind…


  2. Eric Sundwall Says:

    “Wars end. Entitlement programs do not.”

    Perhaps if they are declared or fought in the mid-twentieth Century.

    While big L libertarians are summarily dismissed as ineffective knaves in a fixed system, there are far greater movement, institution and independent libertarians than simply the Orange County Register. Their conclusions revolve around the idea that the warfare and welfare states are indeed perpetual and any preference for the Red or Blue is absurd.

    The emotional frustration of an unjust, undeclared occupation, prompts those who might otherwise agree that entitlements and debt are great concerns well into the future, to have sympathy for someone that is perceived to purport sympathy for withdrawal. Withdrawal from around the world would be a great start, but don’t fool yourself that it is any different from entitlements in the context of Empire.

  3. jposty Says:

    I can appreciate that… but the facts do not change. Obama will not leave Iraq anytime soon… taxes will be raised… and a massive government entitlement program will be proposed under Obama.


  4. Mark Says:

    There are libertarians who only care about taxes. Then there are libertarians who care about liberty as a whole – including war, civil liberties, sexual freedom, and separation of church and state. The former will probably support McCain. The latter are up for grabs, and I think Obama has an excellent shot at picking up some of these voters.

    (For more see

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