With the recent discovery of ricin in a Las Vegas hotel room, it has become a topic of interest all over the internet. Ricin is a potent toxin (with a lethal dose as small as 0.2 mg), naturally contained in castor beans (Ricinus communis), the source of castor oil (ricin is water-soluble, and thus remains separate from the oils of the bean when properly processed).
Greg Laden of ScienceBlogs has a post about it, which contains a quote about ricin’s mechanism of action; namely, that it attacks and disables eukaryotic ribosomes (source abstract here).
The post also has a picture of the ricin molecule’s 3d structure.



One Response to “Ricin”

  1. Cheri Roberts-Piper Says:

    The *facts* do not add up…at all
    PT 2
    COINTELPRO, HR 1955 Promotion or Fear Mongering? A Ricin Man Update

    PT 1
    Chilling Thoughts Amid Questionable Circumstances

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