A mathematician and an engineer find themselves stranded on a desert island. On this island, they find a pair of coconut trees. They see that there is one coconut in each tree. Eventually, their hunger becomes enough that they decide to eat one of the coconuts. So, the engineer climbs up one of the trees, plucks the coconut, and climbs down with it. They then husk the coconut, split it open, and share the coconut.
     Well, time passes, and they once again need to eat. So then the mathematician climbs up the second coconut tree. He plucks the coconut, climbs down with it, and then walks over to the first tree, climbs it, and sets the coconut up in its fronds! He then climbs down, walks over to the dumbstruck engineer and says:
     “Okay, now I’ve reduced it to a previously solved problem.”


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