Airborne II

Looking at some of the responses from the holistic ‘medicine’ crowd in response to my post on the Airborne settlement, I’d like to first point out that in addition to not working (beyond possibly as a placebo), Airbore contains potentially harmful levels of Vitamin A.

The bottom line is this: Vitamins and herbal supplements don’t have to meet safety and efficacy requirements like drugs do. But being made of vitamins and herbs doesn’t make a supplement safe. You can’t trust the ingredient levels or the dosage instructions to be safe, either. It’s always best to check things out for yourself, and it’s usually a good idea to talk to your doctor before taking a supplement.

I’d also point people here. The FDA was created to counter the rise of “patent medicine” and similar ineffective and fraudulent medical products.

And while I’m no fan of the overly litigious nature of our society (as indicated by my linking to Overlawyered in my blogroll), there are legitimate reasons for legal action, and I would say defrauding the public with false advertising a useless product counts as one such reason.


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One Response to “Airborne II”

  1. Watchdogs Says:

    I think it opens the door to citizens filing a lawsuit against Al Gore’s Global Warming scheme. False advertising, a crisis not backed up by science.

    I’ll still buy Airborne.

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