First, the Government Accounting Office’s review of the Department of Energy’s resarch and development in alternative energy concludes that there’s much more work ahead, according to this NetworkWorld article

Many technical, cost and environmental challenges must be overcome in developing and demonstrating advanced technologies before they can be deployed in the US with greater impact. Those were just some of the not-too-encouraging conclusions the Government Accounting Office told the Subcommittee on Energy and Environment, Committee on Science and Technology today.

Secondly, there hasn’t been much attention given to the recent Mexican tortilla riots. The increase of the price of corn due to the pursuit of more ethanol in fuel has made tortillas and other corn-based staples of the Mexican poor harder to afford, leading to about 75,000 protesting. As noted by the BBC, the price of corn tortillas has risen by over 400%. It appears there is something to “food versus fuel.”


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One Response to “Energy”

  1. Jesse Says:

    yet another example of government intervention creating unforseen, unintended consequences. of course, none of the politicians will ever be held responsible.

    ah yes. our government is the justice system. isn’t a wonderful symbiotic relationship?!

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