The Supreme Court has rejected the arguements of the Bush administration in their decision in Medellin v. Texas, ruling in favor of Texas, and holding that treaty enforcement belongs firmly to the legislative branch of government, not the executive nor the judiciary. This is a great outcome, in my opinion. It’s a victory not only for the separation of powers, the checks and balances of government; but also a victory for all of us who oppose the erosion of our national sovereignty by unelected UN bureaucrats and their internationalist ilk.
Information and analysis on the ruling can be found at:
SCOTUSblog: States win over President on criminal law issue
SCOTUSblog: Commentary: The Executive Power Question Might Not be the Most Important Aspect of Medellin
National Review Online: Solid Decision
National Review Online: Bench Memos: Supreme Court Ruling in Medellin v. Texas


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