More of the “Get McCain Desk”

Continuing from this post, Roger Kimball has a post on his blog about The New York Times’ latest salvo in their desperate attempts to smear John McCain by hurling one trumped up non-story after another in the hope something sticks:

“Yeah, so?” you might be asking, and you would be right. Here’s how the Times structures its non-stories about John McCain:

1. Prissy introductory sentence or two noting that Mr. McCain has a reputation [read “unearned reputation”] for taking the ethical high road on issues like campaign finance reform.

2. “The-Times-has-learned” sentence intimating some tort or misbehavior

3. A paragraph or two of exposition that simultaneously reveals that a) Mr. McCain actually didn’t do anything wrong but b) he would have if only the law had been different and besides everyone knows he is guilty in spirit.


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