Amusing, in a ‘dumb and dumber’ way…

Ed Brayton of Dispatches from the Culture Wars has a post bringing attention to the negative review of “Expelled” by Thomas Robb, national director of the KKK. Mr. Robb’s problem with the film? In his view, the film is a “trap” by Ben Stein (a Jew, Robb is quick to point out) that encourages race mixing. Robb finds the film’s attempt to draw a connection between evolution and racism offensive to racists.
From Mr. Robb’s review:

The message of the movie is not about creationism but to trap Christians into accepting, tolerating, promoting and engaging in interracial relationships and marriage. After all as Christians we don’t want to promote the evils of Darwin – do we?
The trap has been set – don’t get caught!

The stupid, it burns.


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