Lisbon & the Irish

A number of people around the web have reported and commented on the recent “No” vote by the Irish in their referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. Here are some notables:
The Wall Street Journal: An Irish Education

Denis Boyles at NRO media blog: How the Irish Saved Civilization . . .

David Pryce-Jones at his NRO blog: Stop Press — News Flash!

C.V. Tyler at History: The Roadmap to the Future–Europe: Irish Reject Lisbon Treaty

David Kopel at The Volokh Conspiracy: How the Irish Saved Civilization, Again

BBC News: Tories call for vote on EU Treaty


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2 Responses to “Lisbon & the Irish”

  1. More on the Irish “No!” « Twisted One 151’s Weblog Says:

    […] on the Irish “No!” Continuing from here: Johnny Ryan at “Assorted Materials: Johnny Ryan“: The Lisbon Treaty & the Irish […]

  2. Irish Spud Says:

    Looks like round 2 is only around the corner.

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