PC oversensitivity continues…

Jonah Goldberg has an essay at NRO about political correctness. He focuses primarily on the recent “black hole” incident, but also mentions other recent events. Included are the case of two schoolboys in England given detention for refusing to kneel and ‘pray to Allah’ during a religious education exercise at Alsager High School; and, also in the UK, the government-sponsored National Children’s Bureau advising day-care workers in that country to treat avoidance and dislike of spicy or unfamiliar foreign foods by toddlers as as “racist.”
Mr. Goldberg notes that simply laughing off this sort of hypersensitive idiocy has only allowed more of it to flourish.

But these days, stories like this vomit forth daily and, for the most part, we roll our eyes, chuckle a bit, and shrug them off.

Obviously, there’s something to be said for ignoring the childish grievance-peddling that motivates so much of this nonsense. But the simple fact is that ignoring political correctness has done remarkably little to combat it. Meanwhile, people who make a big deal about it are often cast as the disgruntled obsessive ones.

How much more are we going to allow to pass until we stand up and point out how ridiculous all this has become?


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