Medical (and Energy) Woo Continue

I’m not exactly a fan of 60 Minutes, with its liberal biases, sloppy journalism, and uncritical, credulous reporting of various forms of quackery. Apparently, they’ve continued in that vein with another glowing report on John Kanzius’ “cancer-cure” machine, which is just an RF heater; using it to selectively kill cancer cells requires targeting molecules which bind only to the cancerous cells. The problem: such molecules exist for only very few cancers. This is the core problem of cancer treatment, differentiating the malignant cells from healthy ones, and Mr. Kanzius has done nothing to solve it. But then, this is the same machine, by the same man, that was claimed to “burn salt water,” a bit of simple radiation-powered electrolysis of water into hydrogen and oxygen, and which was hailed as a revolutionary power source by those who don’t understand basic physics, such as conservation of energy. Codesmithy made these same points over 10 months ago.


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