NRO on Obama in Europe

There’s been a number of posts at the National Review Online blogs concerning Senator Obama’s speeches and visits in Europe. First, Jim Geraghty of “The Campaign Spot” discusses the cancellation of the senator’s visit to U.S. troops at Landstuhl and Ramstein here and here. He also examines Barack Obama’s claim, in a speech in Germany, of “serious losses” on the part of European troops in Afghanistan, and finds it to be lacking:

Again, each death is a tragedy, but a country that deems twenty-five or fewer deaths in a war zone over seven years to be “serious losses” (usually spurring national debate about continuing participation in the mission) is not capable of serious peacekeeping.

I’ll also add this post of his, with just the title: “Because When Germans Call a Charismatic Political Leader a Messiah, Good Things Happen
Meanwhile, David Pryce-Jones takes a moment on his own NRO blog to examine European support for Senator Obama, European anti-Americanism, and the connection between those two.
And at NRO proper, Byron York discusses Parisian support for Senator Obama.


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