South Ossetia

As the conflict in South Ossetia heats up, with Tbilisi bombed by Russian planes, a number of people have begun discussing both the issues involved and why this conflict matters to us here in the West. As to the first point, see here, here, and here; and on the latter point, see here and here. Further, another blogger asks why the John Edwards affair revelation is getting more media attention than the South Ossetia situation, considering Georgia had the third largest force contribution in Iraq (after the US and UK), but is pulling them back to deal with Russia. Roger Kimball has opined along similar lines.

As we watch the conflict unfold, one can only hope that August 8, 2008 does not go down in history as being comparable to June 28, 1914, as some have already speculated it might.


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One Response to “South Ossetia”

  1. morris108 Says:

    It is a massive blunder by the west!

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