Hit them with parody

Orac recounts two cases of individuals going Sokal on the new wiki for woo Wiki4CAM. Personally, I think “flame detoxification” would be downright hilarious except that people actually believe in things that aren’t much different. The flame detox entry is preserved below:

Flame detoxification is a relatively new procedure, developed by Dr. Fong Yu in Beijing, China. It is based on the theory that in ancient times, our bodies were able to handle the lower levels of toxins in the environment. As the world has become more industrialized, we have become more toxic. One evening, as he was cooking a meal, he realized that the fluids released from his food as a result of cooking were potent toxins. After many years of research and testing, he developed the flame detox process.

The treatment is performed in his office, or in the office of a suitable CAM practitioner. Pure hydrogen is seperated from water using electrolysis and the flame is directed at a spot in the skin, causing it to release its toxins. It is these toxins that are responsible for the resultant colour change of the skin. Once the skin is black, heat is removed. The area is washed, and the black toxic residue is allowed to slough off at its own pace.

Some allopathic doctors have expressed concern about this treatment, considering it to be a simple burn. This is not the case. Dr. Yu has found that if the flame is created from burning pure hydrogen — a compound of the water that makes up our bodies — the flame has no ill effect. It’s only action is to expose and draw out toxins. Most people report a “burning” sensation during the procedure; this is due to all the toxins in the body being concentrated into such a small area of skin.


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4 Responses to “Hit them with parody”

  1. wb4 Says:

    The flame detox article was deleted 😦

  2. twistedone151 Says:

    That was expected, which is why I preserved the text in my post (as did Orac in his).

  3. mumphumfrenage Says:

    Hey Kevin – Oliver here. We should catch up – write me when you have time. Hope you’re doing well, and talk to you soon.

  4. mumphumfrenage Says:

    My e-mail, by the way, is vespicci@alaska.net

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