UK vs US

Here’s one way the British are ahead of America, as you unfortunately won’t see anything similar here anytime soon: “The rise of Miliband brings at last the prospect of an atheist prime minister” by AC Grayling, in The Guardian.
One particular point Prof. Grayling makes stands out in particular:

Atheist leaders are more likely to take a literally down-to-earth view of the needs, interests and circumstances of people in the here and now, and will not be influenced by the belief that present sufferings and inequalities will be compensated in some posthumous dispensation. This is not a trivial point: for most of history those lower down the social ladder have been promised a perch at the top when dead, and kept quiet thereby. The claim that in an imperfect world one’s hopes are better fixed on the afterlife than on hopes of earthly paradises is official church doctrine.


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2 Responses to “UK vs US”

  1. Russ Says:

    If your hope is only in people and, God help you, politics, you are going to hoping for a long time. It is no coincidence that the most free nations on the earth are also, though marginally, the most Christian nations.

    Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed. [John 8:36]

  2. twistedone151 Says:

    If not in people, where else is our hope? An imaginary big daddy in the sky? And I would submit that the nations to which you refer are not free because they are Christian so much as they are Christian because they are free. Note you see more firm religious activity and belief in the US, with freedom of religion, than you do in the UK, which has an established Christian churche.

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