A Week of Sarah Palin

So, it’s been a week since Senator McCain chose Governor Palin as his VP pick. And in terms of the media response, it’s been a rather long week. One of the first points I thought of, which it took quite some time for me to see anyone else make, is the issue of executive experience. A look at presidential elections in the past century, and at the various lists of “best” presidents show clearly that voters prefer executive experience to legislative experience. And of the four people on the two tickets, Gov. Palin is the only one with executive experience.
I’m also waiting for more of the details of the trumped-up “troopergate” kerfluffle to reach outside Alaska. Namely, that the trooper in question, Mike Wooten, was found to have (in violation of state trooper policy, the law, or both): used a Taser on his 10-year-old stepson (Gov. Palin’s nephew), drank beer in his patrol car, illegally shot a moose, and threatened to kill his father-in-law (Gov. Palin’s father). What was his punishment for these: a five-day suspension. This, and the Palin family’s (understandible and proper) push for an investigation into Wooten’s general abusive and criminal behavior, all began before Sarah Palin began her run for governor. Even our local (California-based-media-conglomerate-owned) newspaper has been a bit neglectful in mentioning these facets of the situation.

Beyond these, just about everything else needing said has been said better by others, and so I present this link list:
Jim Geraghty: First Thoughts on the “Wow” Pick That Is Sarah Palin
Tom Gross on Sarah Palin & Foreign Policy
John J. Pitney Jr.: Go Ahead and Laugh: How Palin matters
Alvin S. Felzenberg: History Changer (A comparison of Gov. Palin and Theodore Roosevelt).
Jim Geraghty: Hillary-Voting Readers Respond to Palin
Debra J. Saunders: Gov. Sarah Palin – GOP’s dream V.P. candidate
Bonney Kapp: Obama Says Palin Pregnancy “Off Limits” (Senator Obama has shown more class than the MSM, and I respect that.)
Nancy Dillon, Veronika Belenkaya, and Tina Moore: Bristol Palin’s pregnancy was an open secret back home (It only became an issue when released to combat the nasty rumors started by an anonymous poster on Daily Kos which the media decided to run with.)
Fred Barnes: Palin Fought for Reform in Alaska
Kevin D. Williamson: Dumbest Sentence of the Day: Salon’s Broadsheet
Greg Pollowitz: Summarizing Newt on Palin
Jim Manzi: Experience and Presidential Performance (Someone else makes the executive experience point.)
David Kahane I Hate You Sarah Palin: Judd sets the stage (A great bit of sarcastic satire)
Byron York: Why the Palin Baby Story Matters: What it means to evangelical voters.
Wall Street Journal “Review & Outlook”: The Beltway Boys
Jim Geraghty: No, No Sexism at All: Slights against Sarah.
David Freddoso: Scrutiny on the Trail: Who talks about change? Who implements it?
Daniel Henninger: What’s So Special About Sarah?
Wall Street Journal “Extra”: Obama Camp Responds to Rudy and Sarah
Kevin D. Williamson: Cutting Commentary from the Boston Herald
Jim Geraghty: ‘In Alaska, We Pick Our Friends Carefully’: Behind the speech and the spunk.
Mark Hemingway: Media Bias? What Media Bias?: To the Left media, rumors are enough — if their victim is on the Right.
Michael Knox Beran: Clash of Civilizations 2008: Animosity towards Palin reveals a division that goes beyond cultural differences. (An interesting argument that the division exposed by Palin’s selection is more religious than cultural.)
Andrew C. McCarthy: With a Smile on Her Face … and Steel in Her Spine: Sarah Palin taps into America.
Stephen Spruiell: The Tears of Clowns: A bummed MSNBC.
Sarah Lai Stirland: Sarah Palin’s Campaign Debut Electrifies the GOP, Galvanizes The Twitterati (Wired on the web response to Sarah Palin.)
Jonah Goldberg: Palin Bashing Press Keeps Swinging and Missing: No on the Eagleton Option.
Barbara Amiel: What Mrs. Palin Could Learn From Mrs. T
Wall Street Journal “Review & Outlook”: Sarah Palin’s Surge
Victor Davis Hanson: Sarah Palin and Her Discontents: Sneering power-women and the foul whiff of aristocratic disdain.
Jim Geraghty: Fact to Fact: With an eye on ABC.
John McCormack in The Weekly Standard blog: The Washington Post on the Palin “Scandal”
Dean Barnett in The Weekly Standard blog: Required Reading: Palin Playing in Peoria


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One Response to “A Week of Sarah Palin”

  1. Rob Jones Says:

    Thanks , good set of links provided.

    I blogged on the media coverage, but took a slightly different tack… put what looks like yet another salacious attack on Palin together in a tingue in cheek version of a hit article.

    If you’re curious based on what I’ve seen the media has done a thorough investigation and declared itself innocent of bias.

    LOL… nice idea. We could do that in the NBA, just get rid of the refs and have the players raise their own hand if they think they committed a foul. Do we *really* look that dumb to them? Guess so.

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