Physics Friday 43

The average consumer microwave oven uses microwave radiation with a frequency of 2.45 GHz. If you have such an oven running at 1000 W of power (power of the microwaves emmitted into the oven interior), how many photons are emmitted per second?

This is a very simple quantum mechanics problem. The energy of a photon is E=. Here, we have photons of frequency ν=2.45×109 Hz. Therefore, the photons have energy E=(6.626×10-34 J·s)(2.45×109 Hz)=1.62×10-24 J (=1.01×10-5 eV).
The power is P=1000 W=1000 J/s, so we have (1000 J/s)/(1.62×10-24 J)=6.17×1026 photons per second.


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