Monday Math 58

Recall the product formula for the sine function (here and here):


or with zx,

Taking the logarithm of both sides:
Now, , so taking the derivative of both sides of the above equation:
Note that via the geometric series,

Note that we can reverse the order of summation:
where is the Riemann zeta function.

Now, we use Euler’s formula: as , , , and
Previously, we showed that the function can be given by the series . Thus
and so
Now, as and , we can see that the first two terms of the series in the above are
Now, recall that for n≥2, Bn=0 for odd n; thus the series above only has even n terms, and we can rewrite it, using n=2k, as

or thus as

Comparing this to
, we see via the term-by-term comparison that

or solving for the zeta function:

which gives the Riemann zeta function for even positive integers, as previously noted here.


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  1. Top entrepreneur Says:

    oh my god… I needed this several years ago

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