You may recall the horrifying case of Madeline Neumann, who died of treatable diabetic ketoacidosis while her parents looked on, as they chose prayer instead of getting medical attention (see here, here, here, and here).
Well, the father, Dale Neumann, has been convicted of second-degree reckless homicide. The mother, Leilani Neumann, was convicted in a separate trial back in May. Both will be sentenced October 6.
I note that the jury in Mrs. Neumann’s trial took only four hours of deliberation to convict her, while the jury in Mr. Neumann’s case took about fifteen hours over two days. Is this because Dale Neumann once studied to be a minister, and thus the jury gave more credit to the religious defence in his case? Or a reflection of a societal belief that mothers are naturally more nurturing than fathers, leading jurors to be more horrified by such lethal neglect on the part of a mother than on the part of a father.


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