A Question

Does anyone know what the current international law and policy says concerning the legal status of, and conflict with, extraterrestrial or other non-human intelligences? Would the Geneva Conventions apply to alien invaders?

Addendum: Seeing the comments, I feel I must clarify. No, I don’t think that UFO sightings are alien visitors, nor do I believe that any contact has been made. I am referring to where international law and treaty currently stands with regards to a purely hypothetical future situation. More precisely, something like Robert J. Freitas Jr.’s analysis, only with regards to international rather than United States law.


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2 Responses to “A Question”

  1. D.M.D. Says:

    LOL That’s probably one the funniest post I’ve read !!!

  2. Atrueoriginall Says:

    I’m not an attorney but I know of everything on the internet in regard to aliens and UFOs. Years and years of doing this. Anyway, if such existed it would have been mentioned multiple times over the years.

    Should such things exist? Absolutely. Will they ever be? No.

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