Should I even bother? A Poll

Does anybody actually read this blog? Should I find another use for my time?


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2 Responses to “Should I even bother? A Poll”

  1. rob Says:

    well, i stumbled across it and enjoy your posts. so thanks!

    however, with only 2 responders so far, you may find a better use for your time. sad face.

  2. Staffan Says:

    I have your blog on my RSS feed list and usually read through the posts – I find it nice for keeping various stuff I learned in my undergraduate education fresh in my mind now that I have specialized in my graduate research.
    How carefully I read each post depends on interest and time. I really liked the recent physics posts.

    One suggestion: perhaps less detailed posts could fill the same function?
    I.e. do keep blogging if you want to but save yourself some time by not writing out every step in detail.

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