Why, American Media, Why?!

I don’t see much mainstream news these days (amongst other things, it’s bad for my blood pressure), but with what I have seen recently, there is a question I am compelled to ask: why is the American media giving so much attention to the upcoming nuptuals of William Windsor and Kate Middleton? I mean, it seemed to me that this … utter irrelevancy… earned more attention that the first awarding of a Medal of Honor to a living recipient since Vietnam. WTF?! I mean, didn’t we make a point, with Article I, Section 9, Clause 8, of breaking away from all this aristocratic nonsense? So, why should I, or anyone else in this nation, care one whit about this wedding?


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3 Responses to “Why, American Media, Why?!”

  1. Dr.D Says:

    You ask why? Because it is something that they can actually tell the truth about and only anger a few old curmudgeons who are actually free to ignore them if they don’t like it. The MSM are so very tired of biting their tongues and lying continuously (try it some time, it is really difficult to do for months on end), and here is an opportunity to speak the truth about something most people will enjoy. It has an almost fairy tale, sort of escapist quality about it that appeals to many in these desperate times.

    But feel free to ignore, or to grouse about it, whatever you like!

  2. Dr.D Says:

    You seem to be an autodidact!

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