A Question of Terminology

I have a question about political science, specifically, nomenclature for systems of government, to which I’ve been unable to find an answer so far.

For background, in a presidential system, the executive branch is independent of the legislature, and headed by a single individual (“unipersonal”), who is generally both head of government and head of state. In a parliamentary system, the head of state and head of government are separate, with the former often a figurehead or hereditary monarch, and the latter answerable to the legislative. (I’ve elided a number of complexities here, including semi-presidential systems.) In constrast to both, there is the directorial system, where the position and powers of head of state are exercised not by a single individual, but held collectively by a body of several people. The only extant example of this is Switzerland, with the seven-member Swiss Federal Council, whose members are elected by the legislative body, the Federal Assembly.

With that in mind, what does one call a system where, like in a directorial system, there is a collective head of state; but, unlike that system, that collective body is also the legislature? That is to say, a system where both executive and legislative power are united in the same multi-person council?


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