The Bad Touch

Naomi Wolf looks at a specific harm of the new TSA policies:

Years of sensitive educational outreach have finally made it the norm for American children to understand that their bodies are their own, that adults should not touch them intimately or in ways that make them uncomfortable, and that they can expect to be protected from such violation. By desensitizing children to sexually inappropriate touching, the pat-downs are destroying those hard-won gains.

It gets worse. TSA officials have been advised to tell small children that the sexual pat-downs are a game. To anyone who has ever counseled survivors of childhood sexual abuse, this should set off alarm bells: the most common ploy of sexual predators is to portray the abuse as a “game.” As Ken Wooden of the organization Child Lures Prevention puts it, the TSA’s “incredibly misinformed and misguided” advice “is completely contrary to what we in the sexual-abuse prevention field have been trying to accomplish for the past 30 years.”


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