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A thought to ponder…

May 27, 2014

Karl Marx is a dead white male.


I’d love a t-shirt with this article’s title on it…

May 13, 2014

…the article being Kurt Schlichter’s “I Checked My Privilege, And It’s Doing Just Fine“.

Salem Witch-Hunts, Then and Now

May 13, 2014

I recall having to read in school (I think it was seventh or eighth grade) Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, with clear emphasis on how its depiction of the Salem witch trials as the senseless tormenting and destruction of innocents by an evil authority in a moral panic over a nonexistent threat was a clear and obvious metaphor for “McCarthyism” (nonwithstanding that McCarthy was right, and further, was not even responsible for most of that for which the Left uses him as a symbol). However, cut to today, when the Left is now the one doing the witch-hunting and blacklisting (I don’t think that “McCarthyism” ever went as far as this). And what should Chicago-based WGN_America be pushing as their “must-see” new show? A supernatural/historical drama whose central premise appears to be “what if evil witches really were terrorizing Salem with their Satanic powers?” It seems to me that it makes an interesting contrast. Remember, as Lenin said: “кто кого?”