Atlanticism, Eurasianism, Giant Robots, and Space Vampires

So, for our weekly anime night, yesterday a couple of my friends and I watched the first few episodes of Valvrave the Liberator. When it came to the descriptions of the two large rival nations, Dorssia (the “Space Nazis Prussians”1) and ARUS (“Space America”), which our protagonists’ small country (basically “Space Japan”) is caught between, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the geopolitical theories of Aleksandr Dugin and the neo-Eurasianists’ concept of the conflict between ‘Atlanticism’ versus ‘Eurasianism’:

Two time-honoured opposite spheres of life – trade and warfare – are confronting each other. The Atlanticist civilisation of merchants is challenging the continental or Eurasianist civilisation of heroes. The former civilisation implies commercialisation of life, whereas its continental counterpart has manifested itself in militarisation of life…

(From here.)

Just another example of the odd places my brain goes sometimes, I guess.

1. In the grand tradition of Legend of the Galactic Heroes‘s Galactic Empire and Gundam‘s Principality of Zeon.


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